I have been so non-existent on tmblr lately but I assure u I am existing just miserably working an 11 hour shift at a daycare somewhere :’) 
I have friday off tho so I will try 2 get some stuff done I will give it my all 

my bird kid is so cute in game just so u all kno///


I have ONE key left for the Dragon Age Keep beta, and I’d like one of my lovely followers to have it.

Since I got involved with the beta it’s improved hugely and I’m really excited for it to be released to the general public, but until then one of you gets a sneak peek! All…

I got bored + Miranda is rlly the only 1 I care about… 

Anonymous: just wondering if you are on the bioware forum and use one of your recently done pictures of Hawke (the one titled "chilly" on devart) as your avatar (? wanted to make sure it wasn't someone using your art w/o permission

Nope sounds like some1 is using it w/o permission :))) awesome :)))) 

I get so attached to “dad” characters in video games bc my my relationship w/ my irl dad is garbage hAHhaaaaaaa…..

Anonymous: watching the time waiting for someone to make an inquisitor darker than a peeled raw potato

(Do u mean like what we’ve seen from the game?? Or like just people around tmblr??) I remember seeing a pretty dark skinned dude inquisitor showed during a con, but I would like 2 see how the freckles look with dark skin I am soo nervous about this 


andy tabris showing my current mental state

also i have no idea how ears work lmao w/e


watching the tmnt movie was so hard bc I kept thinking about that vid where that guy gets really high and calls that girl and hes talking about the teen mutant ninja turtles I kept laughing it was such an experience 

Anonymous: pheebs r u layin on a table

at work on my lunch break yah B) 

Anonymous: ya got any tips on skin care i'm 17 and i look like a dirty sock

no i actually have a lot of acne rn but my shitty phone camera makes them look like freckles :’) 


'Confused Tracker'. 2014. Photoshop.

Mass Effect-inspired. Totally in love with pheberoni's brushes! Ugghhh.