My name is Phoebe/Pheebs. I am 18, I like freckles, 42oz sodas, & eyebrows. I'm a draw-er
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adaarnit replied to your post: bc I need AT LEAST 1 more girl w/ a BO…

bowlcut qunari


bc I need AT LEAST 1 more girl w/ a BOWLCUT 

dam :// 

adaarnit replied to your post: I would LOVE to have a custom Hawke bu…

and you play on xbox right? I had to download a dozen and a half mods to make my poc hawke even remotely decent looking because of da2’s horrible engine

I actually bought DA on the computer but I don’t have the dlcs on it so I usually just end up playin on the xbox anyway :’/

I would give her that sick ass bowl cut it means so much.. 2 me.. 

I would LOVE to have a custom Hawke but all da 1’s I make fall flat for some reason it is literally so sad 


People in Ferguson Still Need Help!

This website contains a wealth of useful information on ways to help the people in Ferguson, how you can organize and participate locally, and helps to spread the word and keep the message strong. 

Good news every1 !! Omni-mirrors 

why do guys become so instantly insecure and defensive if you don’t reply to them in .3 seconds like you scared I’ll have time to grow a leg hair or smthn dam

fogrotten asked: hi!! question, is the "you dont even know what that does"/"i know its heavy" a quote from something because im nearly certain ive heard that exchange before but i have not a clue where and cant find it. if it isnt, nvm me, your art is fantastic, have a lovely day.

It’s from spy kids !! (: (postin it hopefully ur ok w/ that !!) 



Anonymous asked: omg random Zoe fam hcs..but I feel tht grangran wd b like a rly cute regular old lady like baking pies but in a crAZY neighbourhood n like zoemom was always getting in2 shit w never home so shed get lonely n just invite random teens over to eat w her

like on christmas shed scour the neighbourhood for random teens n be like “whoops accidentally cooked too much do u and 72 of ur friends wanna come over??” n she’d just end up bein like the beloved granmom of a buncha sCARY TEENS”

YES I LOVE!!! IT!!!!