All About That Bass
Meghan Trainor
All About That Bass
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Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass


Do you ever just like flex your foot wrong and it cramps and you’re just like this is it, this is how it ends

this post ruined my life

how do you make and use skin color palettes?

idk how to answer this ! You just make and use them ? Like how do you save them to use later?? How do you use them in your art? What r u talkin about man

so a couple of times i've seen you mention your need to help people with their eyebrows and i wanna ask; can you do a tutorial on how to draw eyebrows?? also, what are your fav eyebrow shapes?

maybe someday ! I usually just draw them on and gel them down lmao, but I don’t fill in the tops, like I just fill in the bottom of them and kinda blend to the top  ? ?
they’re pretty easy to do but you gotta groom them into shape which could take a few weeks of growing/plucking to get them the way u want, ///DO NOT over pluck/// (especially bc they could never grow back the same !!)a couple extra hairs are better than pencil brows, & DON’T pluck the TOPS !! EVER u will lose ur arch. I LOVE thick eyebrows on ladies, like thick square/ thick round ones they are so amazingggg

Yall fukin rock, I hope something rad happens to u all today :’O

aliexpress com/store/product/New-2014-Winter-Men-Women-3D-In-referring-to-Rihanna-couples-sweater/436590_1646382155 html is this relevant to your interests


im sry


things i absolutely need more of in dai:

  • love interests getting jealous/protective when people hit on the inquisitor



ok I’m done i s2g

Fictional sidekick shaming.

The internet will eventually eat itself, leaving nothing but a singe page with “MEME.” in 72-point Impact.

do u have any friends

Bad Boy
The Jive Bombers

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The Jive Bombers | Bad Boy

I'm So Young
The Students
Cry Baby
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"So young, can’t marry no one"

do u look like a B**** ?? !? if yah then date me

do u look like a B**** ?? !? if yah then date me


do you ever see a picture of phoebe and think “rihanna would like this so much”

Mo ur game is getting 2 strong 

baby come back

baby come back

inquisitorcassandra replied to your post “would be cool if in da3 Ferelden’s whole

"men and women are equal in thedas" *calls women bitches and whores*

Literally never understood why bitch was even a slur used there, like it doesn’t add up at all lmao

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