Anonymous: I think people have forgotten gow beautiful romancing Kaidan is like the moment at the start of ME1 where there's like two seconds of his lil' smile after you tell him s'all good and when that happened I just died for a solid hour.. memoriiieess... sniff

I love him

not-super-hulk-man-stacked(me3 wtf????) kaidan 2k14

Anonymous: Would your Warden, Hawke and Inquisitor all get along?

My Hawke and Andy would hate eachother everything would be a competition, and there would be no respect on either side, just bc of their attitudes (but Fenris/Isabela get along with Andy gr8 and Zev rlly likes Hawke lmao) and idk too much about my inqiz yet :// 

Anonymous: *whispers at u* can i ask what paper textures u use cause they are hella rad

gotten a few Q’s about my textures lately ! The only one I use is here (: 


i tried to draw in my eyebrows a bit nd idk if they’re too dark or what help my eyebrow game by donating 1 reblog

the majority of femshep/kaidan fics are her “getting over him” or it’s shep telling Kaidan off like.. that is so sad. And some are soooo bashy and gross my eyes pop out of my skull, roll 2 the kitchen, and moisturize themselves w/ the sink

Anonymous: I just hate how you ignore the people that complement your work because you don't believe in your self. Geez, it's annoyng. Just accept the fucking complement, is it that hard?


tell me anon, how many pairs of camo shorts do u own

adaarnit replied to your post “W HERE IS ALL THIS GIFT ART COMING

cuz you’re lovely and create lovely characters that are fun to draw ~

ROSE  i lov u ..

W HERE IS ALL THIS GIFT ART COMING FROM ?!? ?? I’ve done nothing 2 deserve this wtf love u guys ..


the main reason i don’t like working in grayscale is the fact that i can’t add the color back like i want to

yet i work in grayscale anyway :I

pheberoni's Zooey Shepard who I've wanted to draw since eternity


Make Her Say
plays: 30,007 - Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West & Common


Make Her Say - Kid Cudi ft Kanye West & Common

Anonymous: on that andy pic there's some blue in her hair and stuff. when you edit it does it do that or do you use blue on purpose?

mm nah it’s just a layer effect, I took a really dark purple/blue and set it to “Lighter color” ! 

Anonymous: Sorry for say this to you but did u know that your new theme doesn't let us to open your drawings in the full resolution? i_i I don't know if u saw this before put this theme but your drawings are so detailed and we can't see it all now

It does u just need to right click ‘open image in new tab’ (: